Lucknow – In a remarkable stride towards a healthier Lucknow, this year’s Lucknow Health Run, an initiative by Innovation Welfare Society and organized by HBN Events Pvt Ltd, is introducing an innovative concept – the ‘Weekend Health Workshops.
The “Lucknow Health Run” truly seems to be making an impact by bringing wellness activities like yoga, nutrition workshops, and Zumba to every corner of the city. These activities cater to various aspects of well-being, offering a holistic approach to health.
Yoga, with its focus on physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation, promotes flexibility, strength, and mental calmness.Nutrition workshops are essential for providing education and guidance on maintaining a healthy diet. And of course, Zumba adds a fun and energetic element to the mix. It’s a fantastic way to get the heart pumping, burn calories, and boost mood through dance-based workouts.

HBN Events Pvt Ltd, the driving force behind Lucknow Health Run, has partnered with Innovation Welfare Society to bring the ‘Weekend Health Workshops’ to life. These workshops, free and open to all, embody the organizers’ commitment to making health and wellness accessible to every resident of Lucknow.
We are grateful to our activities’ partner who made the activities possible to be access by every community and individual citizens concern towards their health.

Yoga Partner- Elite Wellness
Nutrition Partner- Oorjaa Fitness
Zumba Partner- Beatbox Studio

By incorporating these activities into the “Lucknow Health Run,” the organizers are ensuring that participants have a well-rounded experience that addresses different aspects of health and wellness.

Workshop Image
Workshop Image
Workshop Image
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