About LHR

Innovation Welfare Society  presents Lucknow Health Run season-2.

The marathon is a flagship project that aims to provide awareness on healthy being. Running can significantly improve physical and mental health.

As a form of aerobic exercise, running can reduce stress, improve hearth health and even help alleviate symptoms of depression.
We strongly advocate that running is a community-building exercise which cuts through social shackles & inculcates lifelong skills in the young generation. With this belief, we are commited to work hard towards creating a stronger community in Lucknow. We continue to take inspiration by all the people who come together and share a stage to form this amazing community that holds itself together with one passion – running.

All our initiatives are fuelled by the passionate set of runners & volunteers who can foresee our vision, and work towards contributing their bit in fulfilling it.

We believe that community is the foundation on top of which we build all our efforts and initiatives. Our work begins with the objective of building a community and ends with the fruits the community reaps from it.

The event is managed and organised by HBN Events Pvt. Ltd.



Beyond the sense of achievement that you will get from finishing a race, running for charity will provide you with a much higher sense of accomplishment for completing the marathon. You will be more inclined to get up, train and run when you know you are supporting a nobel cause.

Healthy Lifestyle

Digital-centric lifestyle has made people lethargic and timid. Hence we are committed to improve awareness among the public regarding various diseases like diabetes, depression, etc., with particular emphasis on exercise and fitness as a component of managing these diseases.

Community Building

When others see you train and cross that finish line, someone will follow your lead and start running. They might even run their own marathon or face a different fear. That is why we feel community building is imperative. Hence we use the marathon as a platform to bring people together.

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