People of all ages took part in ‘Lucknow Health Run’

Sunday morning was special, from 4 am onwards, the gate of Janeshwar Mishra Park in Gomti Nagar was more bustling than everyday, almost 1500 youth, children and elderly had gathered at the gate number one of the park and at five o’clock When all these people ran together, it was a sight to behold. Passionate, enthusiastic and health conscious children, youth and elders together ran the marathon ‘Lucknow Health Run’ organized by the Innovation Welfare Society (IWS) and made the entire city aware of good health. For more than a month, the people of the city were waiting for the ‘Lucknow Health Run’. The day arrived on Sunday, 21 April and this ‘Lucknow Health Run’, which spread awareness towards health, started. There were also children studying in it, young working men and retired retirees also became part of the ‘Lucknow Health Run’. Secretary of Innovation Welfare Association, Mo. Badar told that everyone was excited to see the ‘Lucknow Health Run’.

After that, the run was completed by coming back from there to Gate No.1. The second section in the ‘Lucknow Health Run’ is of the ‘Five Kilometer’ Marathon. Which started from the number 1 gate. Then Marathon came back to gate number one, taking the Utern from the point at gate number 6. In this, the third section of the marathon was of ’10 km’. This marathon also started from the gate number of Janeshwar Mishra Park and went to gate number 6 and from there, after taking the Utern and coming back to gate number 1, the marathon was completed. KIDS Run to Secretary Mo Badar, the five-kilometer race was flagged off by RJ Mayank and BR Varun, Secretary, District Athletics Association, and the ten-kilometer race was flagged off by UP Olympic Association Associate Vice President Syed Rafat. The grand alliance candidate Poonam Sinha also joined the Lucknow parliamentary seat at around 7 am in the run.

The family also ran together People of Lucknow were very conscious towards health in Lucknow Health Run. Many families also ran together in the marathon. Parents, siblings all showed special attraction towards health. All the people who came to the marathon were given a bib number. In which time the participant completed his race, he got this information as soon as he completed the race on the registered mobile number.

Professional runners scattered attraction The Lucknow Health Run was made special by many professional runners. These runners were made brand ambassadors of ‘Lucknow Health Run’. In which runner Arun Mishra was present as race director. Along with this, Colonel Bajrang Singh, who qualified for the marathon in Boston in 2020, was the brand ambassador.

In this sequence, runners Ajit Kumar Singh, Preeti Ahuja, Amit Sharma, Devesh Kumar Dubey and Mohit Tandon were also made by the brand ‘Lucknow Health Run’. Winner of Lucknow Health Run Kids run -All the participating children were given prizes.

Five kilometer boys
1 Shravan Kumar
2 Ravi Kumar
3 Shiva Sagar

Five Kimlometer Girls
1-Kajal Sharma
2-Pushpa Yadav
3-Shikha Gupta

Ten kilometer boys
1 Ravindra Tiwari
2 Javed Ali
3 Rahul Tiwari

Ten kilometers female
3-Asha Singh

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